Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is the technique used to create multiple injection moulded quality parts from a silicone tool, typically produce around 25 castings depending upon the geometry and complexity of the part.


Materials range from elastomerics through to glass-filled, high impact polyurethanes and have an average shrinkage value of +/- 0.3mm. Maximum size: 1000*800*800mm Tolerance:100mm/+/-0.20mm. 

Vacuum castings can be manufactured in an array of pantone colours, surface finishes, materials and can also be tapped, drilled, insert moulded and over-moulded.

Average shrinkage value: +/- 0.3mm

Maximum size: 2500*800*800mm

Tolerance: 100mm/+/-0.20mm

MOQ: one set

Advantage: low cost

Wide plastic material can be choose 

Good to test structure